Training Videos

Training videos on What is WordPress? 

Below are some WordPress training vidoes from different Web trainers around the world and if you want to view the videos in a larger scale just click on You Tube logo on the right hand corner. If you need further information just email us at:

WordPress Dashboard:

Settings up Menus in WordPress:


Insert an image and links:

What is a Widget:

These You Tube training videos help our clients when they want to update their websites.

WordPress Designer imageHow To Remove dates from Posts – YouTube training videos:

How to Install Breadcrumb Plugin on WordPress Blog – WordPress Plugin Installation Video Tutorial:

Optimize Website Image, Alt, and Title Tags and Attributes – YouTube training videosWordPress TV



list of some quick tips developing your website.

  • Use training  videos and images. Add training videos and images to your website where appropriate, so you can highlight the benefits of your products and services.
  • Publish a news  page Keep your customers informed about any special offers, new products or events by publishing a regular newsletter.
  • Use social media Include links to your social media pages to help promote your business.
  • Update your homepage Feature special offers regularly on your homepage to keep visitors interested and make the best deals obvious.
  • Make your site unique Add staff bios and photos to give your site a more personal feel.
  • Answer questions Include an FAQ page that answers any common questions potential customers may have.