Increase web traffic

Increase web traffic to your website

  • Keeping  your website active.
  • Learn about Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Keep an eye on the analytics.
  • Get the right  keywords for your website.
  • Social networks with your website.
  • Setting up Google AdWords campaign.
  • Theme, images and graphic design.

We provide for all the above and set out training programs  to suit you, for €60 per hour, we can get your website active and increase the search engine optimisation.  Click here to view testimonials on our web training service.

9 Tips on getting traffic to your site…

Increase web traffic guideline:

1. Keep your website active.

Search engines like active sites so add more useful tips or information on your service, add product updates, keep all your pages up to date and make sure to link important words to relevant pages. Here is a link to a video to guide you:

Provide useful resources on your website, resources that make people feel thankful that you put in the time and effort. Help every person who ever calls you on the telephone or emails you a question. When they ask “How can I ever thank you?” just say, “If you like my site and think it’s useful, why not link to it?”

2. Optimise your site (SEO).

Win on the search engines when people search for keyword phrases related to your products or services. Use the Google keywords tool.

Keep an eye on the analytics of your site this can show you what keywords and pages are working on your site.

3. Links to your site

Get people with complimentary sites to link to yours. You offer rental kayaks on the beach. Ask the local restaurant owners to link to you, and offer to link to them. Ask the local tour guides, the real estate agents, the night clubs, and everyone else. Links lead to clicks onto your website and help to improve your search engine rankings..

4. Buy ads linking to your site.

Buy sponsored links on other websites. That means more people visiting your site, and many sites offer a pay for performance model.

5. Set up Google AdWords campaign

Pay for clicks or inclusion on the search engines so that people will see your site in the sponsored links section of the search results when they search for keyword phrases related to your products or services.

6. Use E-mail marketing.

Ugly, but effective for the cost. Blast out your special offers, but be nice about it.

7. Use off-line marketing.

Increase web traffic by Promoting your site. Put your url on display. Paint it on your car. Buy newspaper and yellow pages ads with your url. Put up flyers and stickers. Sponsor a little league team. Do anything and everything to spread the word about your website around your city.

8. Video

Make a video of your service and put it up on You Tube and then embed into your website. This will help push your site up on search engine pages.

9. Social Networks

Join social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and mark sure to link them back to your site, there is lots of different ways you can display these links on your site.

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