WordPress One Day Course

square-wordpressWe Provide One day WordPress course in-house for companies and training institutes anywhere in Ireland .
Outline below is the course activities and room requirements. We also cover Google products and adding social media to a website.

Course outline: WordPress Course 

(Full internet access is required for this course)

  • The difference between a Blog and a Website
  • The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • Getting traffic to your website or blog, how does it work.

business websitesDuring the morning we will create a website and will outline the process. This sample website will give the Trainees a step by step guide and we will create this new website by covering the following areas:

  1. Set up website title and header
  2. Set up “About this Website” Page
  3. Set up news categories and posts to include adding images and videos
  4. Set up menus
  5. Set up widget area to include You Tube video, Tag cloud and side menu

Workshop on Setting up a Free WordPress Website 

The trainees will then set up their own personal website with WordPress.com with the following steps:

  1. Log into http://wordpress.com/
  2. Confirm you have access to an email account
  3. Email new login details to yourself
  4. Save images and copy to the PC
  5. Set Theme at Twenty Ten

I will then go through the steps listed in the test website to add to their new websites.

This course will finish off with general information on the following items:

  • Options on setting up a website
  • Step by Step Guide on starting a website using WordPress.org software
  • WordPress Themes and Plug-ins
  • Useful tips when building a website
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Training videos and useful links
  • Finding images to use on your website

We will provide material and links to the items listed above.

The Room requirements

Just on the in-house training facilities you would need to have the following available in the training room.

  1. Overhead projector that I can log into with my laptop and access to the internet.
  2. That each trainer will have a PC with good internet access.
  3. The training rooms will have very good internet power.
  4. There will be no security problems and that I and the trainees can access Gmail, You Tube and Facebook.

The maximum amount of trainees should be 20

WordpressThe Course duration is usually 10am to 4.30pm

  • The full day course will start at 10am with 10 minute break at 11.30am.
  • Lunch break from 1pm – 2pm
  • The course finishes at 4.30pm

We would suggest that all trainees should be in the training room for 9.30am and that I am able to access the room and set up between 8.15am to 9am.

The cost for a one day course will be €550.00.